Which Hairstyle Suits Your Pet's Personality?

Get a hilarious custom pet portrait of your HAWT friend rocking the human hairstyle that matches their exact personality!

Tell us about your pet

Matching your pet’s new doo begins with the little details, like their name! Do you think a Jessica would have the same style as a Persephone? HARDLY.

Pick your pet’s hairstyle

Based on all the fab deets you give us, we’ll recommend a few styles we think your pet will just gush over. Of course, it’s still up to you to make the final decision.

Upload photos of your pet

In order create the MOST FAB portrait for you and your pet, we’ll ask you to upload 1 – 3 photos. That gives us what we need to create the most GLAMOROUS GLAM SHOT.

Decide where to hang it

Once your pet portrait arrives, it’s time to find a place to hang it! Most pets suggest right over the head of the bed, in realtion to their importance in the household.

Benefits of a Custom Pet Hair Portrait

It might just seem like a breathtaking work of art, but our custom pet hair portraits actually contain a ton of additonal benefits

Fab Favs Of Our Extra Pet Parents

The Emerald Cut - Framed Print

The Sheldon Cut - Framed Print

The Emerald Cut - Framed Print

Join the elite group who have recognized their pets right to a more fullfiling existence

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